“What do you ENVISION for Jefferson County?”

As residents of Jefferson County, we have a unique opportunity before us. Starting in the spring, you can create a vision and action plan for the future. As a community we have a rich past, but to ensure our future prosperity we must come together. We must think creatively, act boldly and craft a long-term vision that ensures future generations opportunities and a desirable quality of life.

Help us answer the question, “What do you ENVISION for Jefferson County?”

The Process

Envision Jefferson County offers multiple opportunities for residents to get involved.
The final action plan will be delivered in September 2014…and then implementation begins!

Why you should participate

Here are three reasons why you should get involved in Envision Jefferson County.


You care about the future of Jefferson County.

We’re proud to be a part of Jefferson County both for its tremendous history and its successful present. Our continued prosperity, however, is not ensured. It will take bold and deliberate action that fueled by a strong community vision to ensure future generations have access to the Jefferson County we so deeply treasure.

This is a special opportunity

Few residents get a chance to say they were part of the change or that their voice made a difference. Now is our opportunity to speak as one and unify behind a solid vision for our future.


It's your community. You are the expert.

Research and technical analysis can only take us so far. When it really comes down to the difficult decisions it’s common intuition that should be allowed to steer. As a resident you know what will work and what will struggle. We need your expertise.

Who’s Who in Envision Jefferson County

Steering Committee

Project Leadership… The Steering Committee is a diverse group of community members serving as community trustees for the values, vision and action that will result from the process. They provide guidance and direction regarding the vision process and substance, and to serve as stewards of the vision once it is completed.


Process leadership, expertise… planning NEXT will facilitate the process and share experience from other successful communities.


Input and Feedback… Widespread public involvement is vital to ENVISION Jefferson County’s success. Various in-person workshops will offer more ways for citizens and other stakeholders to give input throughout the process. The first public events will be held in late March/early April.


Targeted Input… Various stakeholder groups will be targeted to inform the vision. These groups include business leaders, neighborhood associations, real estate professionals and developers, education professionals, students, and young professionals, among others. Likewise, some persons in the community may not fit into a “group,” but may be part of demographic segments, including those that have significant economic challenges (under-employment or difficulty in finding work in our community). Efforts will be made to seek out those important stakeholders as well and seek their input in the public process.