The Jefferson County Community Assessment

The Jefferson County Community Assessment

As part of the ENVISION Jefferson County planning process, the Steering Committee has released the Community Assessment. This document will serve as a snapshot of key demographic and economic trends that exist across the County and help to inform and guide the planning process.

The document is organized into two sections:

1. People
The first section focuses on the key demographic trends that are happening in Jefferson County. Is the community getting older? Is the population growing or remaining relatively stable? These questions and many others are answered in this first chapter.

2. Prosperity
The second chapter focuses on the local economy and the personal prosperity of residents. What’s the largest employment sector in Jefferson County? How does the county rank in state prosperity or community health measures? The Prosperity chapter provides insight on how the local economy is performing and how that is or is not being translated into resident’s personal prosperity.

To access the report and read the findings please follow this link:
The Jefferson County Community Assessment


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