Meet the Steering Committee

Meet the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for ENVISION Jefferson County has been assembled by a nominating group to help lead and energize the Visioning process. This committee, which represents the diversity of Jefferson County, is a working group that will serve as advocates for ENVISION Jefferson County and help to make recommendations about the process and substance of the vision. The group has met monthly since December preparing the community process that will take place through 2014.
The members of the Steering Committee and their affiliation include:

Merritt Alcorn, Local Attorney

Nancy Bevli, Ivy Tech Community College or Jefferson Co. Realtor

Ray Black, Director Boys and Girls Club

Jim Braun, VP Grote Industries

Valecia Crisafulli, Downtown Revitalization Consultant

Thomas Davee, Real Estate and Development

Carol Dozier, Executive, Kings Daughters Hospital

Andrew Forrester, Community Relations Director, City of Madison

Bonnie Hare, Chemist

Laura Hodges, City Council 

Al Huntington, Former Mayor

Bill Jenner, Local Attorney

Shirley Kloepfer, La Casa Amiga

Kristin Lamar, Government Consultant, Mother

Frank McGee, Pastor

Ryan Myers, Project Manager Environmental Laboratories

Jason Pattison, Local Attorney

Douglas Perry, Higher Education Administrator

Tom Pietrykowski, County Commissioner

Robert Pimlott, Family Therapist

Don Phillips, Financial Consultant

David Snell, Director Madison Chemical

John Staicer, President Historic Madison

Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger, Superintendent Madison Consolidated Schools

Brandon Taylor, Manager, Humana

Bill Tereshko, Professor Hanover College

Steve Thomas, Small Business Owner

Kevin Turner, VP Madison Precision

Carl Tyree, Employee, IKE Power Plant

Ky Yarling, Insurance Manager



  1. Dennis W. Lory 5 years ago

    The best way to improve the quality of life in Jefferson co would be to increasing the wages of the hourly employees .These are multi million dollar corporations yet they pay lower than average wages.I see no hourly workers represented on the committee and I have misgivings about their true agenda.

  2. Brandon G. Taylor 5 years ago

    Dennis: I encourage you to attend the public meetings and witness for yourself the intent of the committee and to get involved with shaping the plan for the future of Jefferson County. You are a concerned citizen or you wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to post! I appreciate you providing feedback. This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and to witness firsthand the intent and approach of this committee. I am confident that involvement will turn skepticism into excitement! I look forward to seeing you in attendance at the public meetings and providing your feedback on the issues that matter most to you and our community.

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